Learning Outcomes and Goals for CS Majors

Learning outcomes:
1. Recall key concepts related to data structures, algorithms, and design
2. Explain the differences between different algorithms and design techniques.
3. Implement solutions using at least 2 programming languages.
4. Compare and contrast design alternatives
5. Design effective algorithmic solution to novel problems
6. Justify their specific solution to problems
7. Communicate effectively about the software design orally and in writing with
people from various disciplines

1. Apply computational thinking and problem solving
2. Have experience applying theoretical results to solving practical problems
3. Be able to apply problem solving skills and critical thinking in computer science
across disciplines (such as biology, business, and mathematics);
4. To be able to work individually and in teams, building on the work of others
5. Communicate technical information with both experts and non-experts;
6. Adapt quickly and competently to new developments in the field of computer
7. An ability to reason about and explain computer-based solutions at multiple
levels of abstraction
8. Respect persons from diverse cultures and backgrounds.