A Major/Minor in Computer Science


A major in computer science consists of 11 computer science courses together with 3 mathematics courses.


Students, interested in majoring in Computer Science, are encouraged to read the list of required and elective courses below.  To declare Computer Science as your major, download and complete the Major/Minor declaration form which is available via the Registrar’s Office Forms Library Link: Registrar Form RequestAfter the major is declared, the student is assigned an academic advisor in the department. The new advisor will help the new major plan a computer science career at F&M.  

To minor in computer science, please complete the  major-minor declaration form at the link above, and email the chair of your intent to minor.

Seven required computer science courses are:

  • CPS 111 [Computer Science I]
  • CPS 112 [Computer Science II]
  • CPS 222 [Computer Science III]  
  • CPS/MAT 237 [Discrete Mathematics]
  • CPS 242 [Computer Organization]
  • CPS 261 [Algorithms]
  • CPS 337 [Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science].

Four electives at the 200-level or above:

  • Three electives must be Computer Science courses at the 300-level or above that are not cross-listed, other than CPS 390 and 490.
  • At most one elective may be chosen from:
    • PHI 244 [Symbolic Logic]
    • PSY/SPM 305 [Cognitive Psychology],
    • PSY/SPM 312 [Embodied Cognition], or
    • an otherwise related course otside of computer science, approved by the chairperson.

Mathematics courses:

  • MAT 109, 110 [Calculus I and II], and either
  • MAT 216 [Probability and Statistics I] or
  • MAT 229 [Linear Algebra and Differential Equations].


Future Course Schedule Framework

CS1 and CS2 are offered at least once per semester.
Each 2xx level "Core" course is offered once per year.
For 3xx level "Elective" courses, the department usually offers two or three per semester.  Many individual 3xx elective courses are offered on a "once every two years" rotation.

Some exceptions do apply.  For further details, please schedule a meeting with your CPS academic advisor.