Free and Open Inquiry

Franklin & Marshall College is committed to the ideal of free and open inquiry in all matters. We encourage all members of the College community to express themselves freely and to challenge the views of others through open, critical and respectful discourse.

Activism takes many forms. During this time of social distancing, we encourage our community to develop safe and creative ways to express and be accountable for our activism efforts. We hold the core principle that debate or deliberation should not be suppressed because of the ideas put forth. We support a climate of inclusiveness in which all members are encouraged to contest vigorously the ideas and the speech that they oppose. We expect that the identity of an individual or group is important when expressing viewpoints and will strengthen our community dialogue.    

This page is an evolving resource. We welcome student, faculty and staff input regarding the broad scope of discourse among members of the campus community.

College Statements 

Statement on Freedom of Expression

The College's ideals relating to freedom of expression, respect for the opinions of members of the College community, and freedom from harassment and intimidation. 

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Statement of Academic Freedom

The College has adopted the following statements regarding the professional guarantees accorded its faculty members and the duties which they are expected to perform as members of the educational community.   

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