Offering literary study and creative writing


 Since we cannot separate language or literature from their cultural and intellectual contexts, the literature component of the English major at Franklin & Marshall offers a substantial historical base, with core courses on topics in the traditional periods of British and American literature.

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Creative Writing

 The track in creative writing joins the passion for language and imaginative writing with the study of literature. It is built upon the premise that reading widely and deeply in literature, including contemporary literature, is essential to becoming a skilled creative writer: in other words, that the best writers are also avid, engaged readers.

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Great things are happening in the English Department


April 22
event 4/22/2019

English Department Awards and End of Year Party

Writers House Reading Room

Join the Department of English and the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House as we recognize the...

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April 24
event 4/24/2019

Will to Read: Shakespeare Aloud

Writers House Reading Room

Will to Read: Shakespeare Aloud Wednesday,  April 7:00-9:00 pm Do you enjoy Shakespeare? If...

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Story 4/2/2019

Emerging Writers Festival to Spring Forth, Celebrate Budding...

A group of promising writers who are early in their careers will arrive on the Franklin & Marshall College campus April 10-12 to host and attend a series of readings, craft talks and panel...

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Story 3/8/2019

The Barriers to Sharing African Women’s Stories

When it comes to telling stories, Tsitsi Dangargembga, a Zimbabwean author, filmmaker and activist, chooses to shine a light on the narratives of one of the most marginalized populations in the world...

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Story 2/25/2019

Bank Prize Author Finds the Story’s Essence in Imperfection

In the catalog entry of one of the writing courses she teaches at Sarah Lawrence College, short-story author Carolyn Ferrell asks in the synopsis, “How do we, as writers, transform lived experiences...

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