About Chemistry

Our Program and Courses

Chemistry is a major and minor at F&M. You will immerse yourself in the scientific method, educational discovery, and creative process to gain an understanding of the basic concepts of chemistry. You will graduate with a solid basis in chemistry concepts, advanced experimental skills, and an ability to engage in scientific literature and with both written and oral communication of scientific ideas. Through hands-on research and laboratory work, you will “learn how to learn” to effectively engage in projects and experiments, studying processes and reactions at many different scales. 

Accredited by the American Chemical Society, F&M’s chemistry department is distinctive in its emphasis on student-faculty collaboration. In fact, our chemistry professors have won numerous awards for their integrative teaching and research. Typically, the same professor engages with you in the classroom and in the lab. Our small class sizes and hands-on involvement from our faculty mean you can interact closely with your professors, enjoying unrivaled support and forming enduring mentorships. 

By the time you graduate, you will be able to demonstrate: 

  • The ability to think, write, and speak clearly and logically
  • Knowledge and understanding of chemical phenomena, principles, and concepts including in analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry
  • The ability to review and understand scientific literature, including evaluating its quality and relevance; interpreting, analyzing, and critiquing its content; and drawing conclusions from multiple sources
  • Skills in scientific research, including understanding how to generate hypotheses and design experiments to test them, analyze data to arrive at a scientific conclusion, and effectively communicate results

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Our Faculty and Staff

Gabriel S Brandt

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Biological Foundations of Behavior

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Scott H Brewer

Professor of Chemistry

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Edward E Fenlon

Professor of Chemistry

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Julie B Gemmell

Academic Department Coordinator

Government; Public Policy

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Kenneth R Hess

Professor of Chemistry

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Davide Lionetti

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Lisa A Mertzman

Stockroom Manager

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Jennifer L Morford

Charles A. Dana Professor of Chemistry

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Christine P Piro

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Bonchek College House Don

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Kate Plass

Professor of Chemistry, Department Chair of Chemistry

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Sarah Z Tasker

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Marcus W Thomsen

Professor of Chemistry

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Scott A Van Arman

Professor of Chemistry

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Learning Outside the Classroom

Research & Independent Study Opportunities

A staple of your chemistry experience at F&M is the extraordinary opportunity to engage in research and independent study. You’ll find remarkable opportunities to join your professors’ research projects, allowing you to leave your footprint on what often are years-long endeavors. Many students begin chemistry research during their first or second year at F&M, and continue throughout their time here.

Chemistry faculty are expert researchers working on a wide array of cutting-edge topics, frequently publishing in national and international chemistry journals. F&M’s Chemistry Department has been awarded substantial funding to support these research programs and to enrich the student experience. Student researchers are involved in all aspects of research; mentored closely by your professors, you’ll read scholarly papers to understand the theoretical background, work in the lab to learn new techniques and troubleshoot experiments, and even make your own innovative contributions. You’ll have opportunities to see your work published in leading scholarly journals, as an astounding 85% of our chemistry faculty publications are co-authored by students. Students also have opportunities to present their work at regional and national meetings.

A large number of students are provided a stipend to engage in research with chemistry faculty members on campus during the summer.
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Moore/Schaeffer Mentorships

Highly qualified students interested in studying chemistry at F&M have exciting opportunities to engage in research beginning the summer before their first year at F&M. Created by W. Scott Moore, M.D. ’74 and supported by Charles D. Schaeffer Jr., Ph.D., ’70, candidates are hand-selected to receive up to $3,000 for four weeks of research with a faculty member. Award recipients are expected to major in chemistry and continue doing research throughout their four years at F&M.

For more information, please contact Claude Yoder, Charles A. Dana Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus at cyoder@fandm.edu
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Honors in Chemistry

Completing research or an independent study could also lead to honors in chemistry. To be considered for honors, you must first be nominated based on either the results of your summer research or academic year independent study. Your research must show results that are publishable, and you must demonstrate independent contributions to the project, produce a well-written thesis, hold a successful defense of the project before a faculty committee, and show exceptional commitment and understanding.

Off-Campus Study

For a well-rounded understanding of chemistry research around the world, students often choose to study abroad. Previous students have visited New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, and France.
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Our Facilities

The William M. Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories

The hub of chemistry at F&M is the William M. Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories building. Hackman houses six instructional laboratories, 12 student/faculty research laboratories, four instrument rooms, a chemistry lounge and a chemical stockroom, and state-of-the-art instrumentation for faculty and student use, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, mass spectrometers, infrared (IR) spectrophotometers, transmission electron microscope (TEM), and fluorimeter. 

Martin Library of the Sciences

Additional resources for chemistry students include F&M’s two research libraries: Shadek-Fackenthal Library and Martin Library of the Sciences. Martin is especially popular among science students, as it contains ample study spaces, electronic access to nationally and internally renowned scientific journals, and more than 60,000 volumes in the sciences.
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Success Beyond F&M

You’ve completed your degree and are ready for your next step, but what is it? The confidence and independence you’ll earn studying chemistry allows you to pursue a wide variety of opportunities beyond graduation. The innovative and intellectual activities that make up the work of chemistry — including observing, analyzing, collaborating with others, and objective thought — help you develop useful and productive skills, which are valuable for any post-college plan.

Graduate School

More than 70% of chemistry majors attend graduate school, medical school or law school after graduating from F&M. The skills gained by studying chemistry at F&M — including the ability to reason, analyze data, and understand scientific methodology — make our graduates highly valuable candidates for graduate school. Nearly all majors who apply to graduate school and 94% of majors who apply to medical school are accepted by at least one institution. Many chemistry graduates also pursue advanced degrees in engineering after participating in F&M’s dual degree engineering program .

F&M chemistry graduates have pursued advanced degrees at institutions such as:

  • Cornell University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Pennsylvania State College of Medicine
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • University of California Berkeley
  • University of Wisconsin Madison
  • University of Michigan
  • Columbia University

Career Paths

Some chemistry graduates choose to begin their chosen careers directly after graduating from F&M. They hold positions with materials science companies such as Dow Chemical and biopharmaceutical companies such as Merck. Many also hold positions in a number of other fields, including healthcare, law, government, engineering, education, and the environment. They hold positions such as:

  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Veterinarian
  • Engineer
  • Professor
  • Professor of Art Conservation (Winterthur Museum)
  • Marketing Manager (Pfizer)
  • Clean Chemistry Team Leader (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Associate Editor (American Chemical Society)
  • Research Space Scientist (NASA)
  • Counsel, Intellectual Property 
  • Reference and Systems Librarian
  • Forensic Scientist

Alumni Spotlight

“F&M’s Department of Chemistry thoroughly prepared me for my job by teaching and helping me develop my organic chemistry knowledge.”

At F&M, Holly Batchelder ’23 conducted chemistry research and led the organic chemistry tutoring team. Today, she is working as a research assistant for the director of the Center of Experimental Therapeutics and Reperfusion Injury (CETRI) at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. “At the most fundamental level, F&M's Department of Chemistry thoroughly prepared me for my job by teaching and helping me develop my organic chemistry knowledge,” she said. “In addition to foundational knowledge, the department also gave me the amazing opportunities to conduct organic chemistry and biochemistry research, where I first began to learn basic laboratory skills and develop my critical thinking. I also frequently draw upon my learned tutoring skills as I train new members of the lab and visit post-doctoral researchers in our laboratory techniques.”

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Faculty Spotlight

Sarah Tasker Awarded NSF Career Grant for Chemistry

A rare laboratory discovery has resulted in a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER grant for Sarah Tasker, assistant professor of chemistry at F&M. The $514,388, five-year grant – now active – supports early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization. “Getting involved with undergraduate research is incredibly formative and one of the great things that F&M does really well,” Tasker said. Tasker, along with 2023 graduates Katie DeSimone and Lyla Naqvi, discovered and developed new molecules that release carbon monoxide (CO) gas in a controlled way at room temperature, which makes laboratories safer places to work. Sigma-Aldrich, one of the top fine-chemical suppliers in the United States, has since commercialized the F&M team's reagents.

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Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Morford

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June 6, 2024

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Holly Batchelder ’23, who majored in neuroscience and minored in applied mathematics at F&M, originally thought she’d go directly to medical school. But instead, she’s secured a job completing exciting research at a prestigious Harvard Medical School laboratory before attending med school.

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Sarah Tasker Awarded NSF CAREER Grant for Chemistry

A laboratory discovery has resulted in a prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER grant for Sarah Tasker, assistant professor of chemistry at F&M.

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