A Hallmark of  Enlightened Society

The study of mathematics is a hallmark of enlightened society, as it has been for millennia. Mathematics helps us understand our world and ourselves, and it is fun.

Mathematics is one of the oldest of the liberal arts. The study of mathematics has been used for centuries to train students to think clearly and creatively. Mathematical applications enlighten other disciplines and inform society. The Mathematics major at Franklin & Marshall offers an ideal balance between developing practical applications and analyzing fundamental principles.

Recent graduates have become actuaries, engineering and computer consultants, financial analysts, teachers, insurance agents, laboratory technicians and research assistants, and many Mathematics majors choose to attend graduate school in math or related fields.

Our Mission: The Department of Mathematics offers both a major and two minors. In addition, we support the general curriculum of the College by offering mathematical courses that are of interest to students in a broad variety of academic majors. We are dedicated to instilling in our students the capacity for thoughtful engagement with quantitative, geometric, and logical reasoning. As they progress through the mathematics curriculum, students are expected to become increasingly adept at developing conjectures, constructing correct proofs and refuting weak ones, creating and using mathematical models to describe physical phenomena, and working with abstract structures.

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The Pulse of Math at F&M

Story 2/15/2018

Math Shows Origami's Great Purpose in the Modern Age,...

Co-author of two books on the art of folding paper, Thomas Hull sprang to the stage in Franklin & Marshall College’s Mayser Gym on Feb. 15 to share his excitement about the ancient tradition during...

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Story 10/18/2017

Autumn Research Fair: The Spiral – Geometry’s Forbidden...

Yanlin Yang, a Franklin & Marshall senior, had taken Professor of Mathematics Annalisa Crannell’s course in perspective geometry when she decided to embark on a project that has challenged human...

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Story 8/29/2017

Convocation 2017 Speech by Professor of Mathematics Annalisa...

I think it’s perfect that it’s a math professor addressing you today, because, after all, the vast majority of you --- over 400 of you --- have signed up to take calculus this semester.  

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