Alumni & Faculty Share Experiences in Study and Research
Annalisa Crannell
Story 8/22/2014

Prof. Annalisa Crannell Talks about One of Her Courses

Why would a math professor be doing art with her students?

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Story 8/21/2014

Dr. Sauleh Siddiqui '07 Speaks about Undergraduate Research

As a mathematics grad student, I was comfortable interacting with professors since through my...

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Story 8/19/2014

Dierdre Axell-House '11 Talks about Mathematics & Art

Dierdre Axell-House ’11, majored in Biochemistry and minored in Math, with the intention of...

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Story 8/18/2014

Anne Trostle '09 Speaks about Undergraduate Research

Doing research is an experience that I highly recommend for students. Fortunately, F&M makes this...

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