A recent Math Club program, “Keep Calm and LOVE Calculus: Studying Tips on Succeeding in Calculus I,”  featured a panel of math students who had already taken MAT 109.  The experienced students answered attendees questions and gave insight and advice to the audience:

1. Make sure that you understand what's going on in class by getting tutoring, going to faculty office hours, and working together with other math students.  There are free math tutors available at the department’s regularly-scheduled weekly help sessions Sunday through Thursday.  The spring tutoring schedule for math is here.
2. Even if you got answers correct on homework, check if you got the question right by luck/chance, or if you actually know how to do them.
3. Write out the steps. Do not skip steps. Skipping steps can mean you do not know the underlying principles of the problem.
4. Ask questions in class whenever you don’t understand.
5. Keep up with the work. Do not let assignments pile up. If you don't understand, figure it out or get help as soon as possible.
6. Draw graphs to help you visualize the function.
7. If you get stuck  for 20 minutes, stop. Come back to the problem later.
8. Don't freak out. Start with simpler questions.
9. Trust yourself! You are not alone.                                                                                                                                                      10. Think, but do not overthink.