Math Societies, References & Databases


The F&M Department of Mathematics is an institutional member of various mathematical societies, including :

  • AMS - The American Mathematical Society ("founded in 1888 to further mathematical research and scholarship")
  • MAA - The Mathematical Association of America (" the largest professional society that focuses on undergraduate mathematics education")

Our local section of the MAA is EPADEL (Eastern PennsylvaniA andDELaware).

  • AWM - The Association for Women in Mathematics (dedicated to "encouraging women and girls in the mathematical sciences"), and
  • NAM - The National Association of Mathematicicans (dedicated to "the promotion of excellence in the mathematical sciences and the promotion of the mathematical development of underrepresented American minorities").

Other related organizations:

To look up the address of mathematicians anywhere, see the Combined Membership List, containing addresses of mathematicians who are members of the AMS, the MAA, or SIAM.

To search the canonical database of mathematical research paper reviews, consult MathSciNet. (This is a subscription service; F&M has an institutional subscription.)

To browse through mathematics (and other) research paper preprints, see the arXiv.

To trace a math professor's "ancestry", take a look at  the Mathematics Genealogy Project page.