A Major or Minor in Mathematics

Students typically declare their mathematics major during the Major Declaration Period in the spring of their sophomore year, or when they are taking/have completed MAT211 (Introduction to Higher Mathematics).  A student can declare a major in mathematics by completing and submitting an online Application to Major information sheet to the Math Department and the Registrar's Major-Minor Declaration form, and then contacting the Math Department Chair Prof. Danel Draguljic at ddragulj@fandm.edu .   After the major is  declared, the student is assigned an academic advisor in the department.  The new advisor will help the new major plan a math career at F&M.  To minor in mathematics, please complete the  major-minor declaration form at the link above, and email the Chair of your intent to minor.


The department's combined math major and minor advising handout and math major courses map can be accessed below. The handout covers a description of the requirements to complete a math major, or one of the two minor tracks:  "applied math" and "theoretical math."  Diagrams of prerequisite course sequences,  explanation of joint majors involving math, anticipated math course offerings for future semesters, course descriptions, and advice for planning a math major are also included.