Course Requirements for 2022-2023

A major in Philosophy consists of 11 courses. Requirements are:

        • PHI 244.
        • One core history course from PHI 210, 213, 271, 317, 381 or 382.
        • One value theory course designated (V).
        • One course in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, or philosophy of mind designated (ME).
        • Two semesters of PHI 301 (each semester is .5 credit).
        • Five electives.
        • At least four courses besides PHI 498 must be numbered 300 or higher. At most, two courses may be numbered below 200.

A minor in Philosophy requires six Philosophy courses, which must include: PHI 244; either PHI 210, 213, or 317; PHI 301 and three other Philosophy electives that are approved by the chairperson or designee. At least two courses total must be numbered 300 or above. At most, one course may be numbered below 200.