Physics students at Franklin & Marshall receive excellent classroom training and have numerous opportunities for close collaboration with faculty members on research projects. Students enjoy individualized instruction, well-equipped labs, a collegial atmosphere, and the chance to participate in projects on campus and at off-campus research labs.

Our department's research interests are in the areas of condensed matter physics, spectroscopy of materials involving rare earth impurities, optical properties of microspheres , and theoretical investigations into topics in quantum mechanics, particle physics, and cosmology.

Physics students from F&M have gained admission into top graduate programs in physics and related fields, have found employment with a wide range of companies and research labs, and have entered the teaching, finance, or medical professions.

We have well-equipped labs for introductory and advanced course work, a Beowulf computer cluster for high-performance computing, and a number of specialized student-faculty research labs. Our comfortable majors lounge is available for collaborative work, individual study, conversation, and relaxation.

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