The Discipline that Intersects All Others 

Class. Status. Power. Gender. Race. Ethnic relations. Politics. Crime. Religion. Medicine. Education. Culture.

When you study sociology at Franklin & Marshall, you discover the many interrelationships among the various fields of knowledge that constitute the liberal arts. Any question that has to do with people has a sociological answer.

We offer:

  • A very low student-to-faculty ratio, facilitating close relationships with professors.
  • A program highly respected by employers and elite graduate programs.
  • A supportive, friendly learning environment.
  • Opportunities to connect outside the classroom through trips to conferences, gatherings at professors' homes, and campus activities. 

Each year, students in the program have unmatched opportunities to collaborate individually with faculty on meaningful research projects or to engage in their own studies with faculty guidance. Students have presented the results of their work at professional conferences and in co-authored articles in leading professional journals.

Our alumni enter a wide range of fields, from human services to education, law, public health, medicine, business, and social research. We are proud of the success they have experienced.

April 29
event 4/29/2019

A Shock to the Cis-tem: Taking Non-Binary,...

Booth Ferris North

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In this three-hour session, participants will gain...

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Story 4/19/2019

AMS Faculty Toast Class of 2019

All nine members of the AMS class of 2019 gathered on April 17 to celebrate the end of their time at F&M. Faculty prepared toasts for each student to help launch them into the world beyond college.

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Common Hour Providing a 'Leg Up' Parental Involvement and Opportunity Hoarding In College
Story 4/18/2019

Providing a 'Leg Up:' Parental Involvement and Opportunity...

Laura Hamilton Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Merced Professor Hamilton will discuss the question of what role parents play in producing divergent college...

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Story 4/18/2019

Speaker Says Haves Get More Out of College Than Have Nots

Operation Varsity Blues, the federal sting that uncovered a bribery conspiracy among parents, coaches and a college recruiter who influenced student admission decisions provided the backdrop for...

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