The Discipline that Intersects All Others 

Class. Status. Power. Gender. Race. Ethnic relations. Politics. Crime. Religion. Medicine. Education. Culture.

When you study sociology at Franklin & Marshall, you discover the many interrelationships among the various fields of knowledge that constitute the liberal arts. Any question that has to do with people has a sociological answer.

We offer:

  • A very low student-to-faculty ratio, facilitating close relationships with professors.
  • A program highly respected by employers and elite graduate programs.
  • A supportive, friendly learning environment.
  • Opportunities to connect outside the classroom through trips to conferences, gatherings at professors' homes, and campus activities. 

Each year, students in the program have unmatched opportunities to collaborate individually with faculty on meaningful research projects or to engage in their own studies with faculty guidance. Students have presented the results of their work at professional conferences and in co-authored articles in leading professional journals.

Our alumni enter a wide range of fields, from human services to education, law, public health, medicine, business, and social research. We are proud of the success they have experienced.

Story 5/12/2018

Socrates Citation In Honor of Joel P. Eigen

Joel Eigen has been, for 40 years, the embodiment of our ideal of the Scholar/Teacher, and a fully engaged citizen of the College.

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Story 4/13/2018

American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus

In her 2017 book, “American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus,” Lisa Wade explores “hookup culture,” which is prevalent on college and university campuses across the country. She brought the...

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Story 12/7/2018

The Challenge of Translating ‘The Odyssey’

That she is the first woman to translate “The Odyssey” into English holds little import to Emily Wilson, but what does is that she’s the first scholar in 400 years of translations to make the kinds...

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Translating the Odyssey
Story 12/6/2018

Translating the Odyssey: Why and How?

Emily Wilson Professor of Classical Studies and Graduate Chair of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Pennsylvania

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Story 12/6/2018

December 2018

As we head toward winter break, students are busily preparing for final exams and papers. I know you are encouraging them to study hard while also staying healthy, getting enough rest and exercising....

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