If you're considering a major in sociology and would like to get a student's perspective on courses, faculty, or anything sociology at F&M,  our Student Ambassadors are here to answer your questions. Below is an introduction to each student volunteer. Please reach out anytime!

  • sociology department student ambassador ay21 navjit kaur
Navjit Kaur
Class of 2021
Major: Sociology and Neuroscience

I am a sociology and neuroscience major on a pre-med track and will be graduating in 2021. I didn’t enter college with the goal of majoring in sociology. In fact, my initial goal was to major in neuroscience or biology so I could focus on the pre-med track. However, when I took Intro to Sociology, I absolutely fell in love and decided to take another class. I really enjoyed how passionate the professor was when teaching and how engaged and eager my classmates were to have a discussion and learn from each other’s experiences.

When taking Professor Faulkner’s Sociology of Sexuality course, I realized that I never really strayed far from my goal of focusing on the pre-med track. In her class, we spoke about how “individual choices [are] impacted by systematic policies,” and this made me realize how important it is to understand the social context of an individual’s life as it impacts their decisions and experiences. It is important that health care workers understand their patients as this allows for a sense of comfort, trust, and proper communication.

By majoring in both neuroscience and sociology, I hope to become a compassionate physician who helps those in need by acknowledging their lived experiences and using this knowledge to enhance patient care for everyone.

Contact:  nkaur1@fandm.edu


  • sociology major leilani ly '21
Leilani Ly
Class of 2021
Major: Sociology

I didn’t know much about sociology before coming to F&M. When I took SOC100 my first semester, I was immediately captivated by how the course investigated society in such a systematic and analytical way. I had never been taught to look at the world through such a critical lens, and when I did, it felt like all of these dots were suddenly connecting. The works we read in that SOC100 class (and, of course, those I’ve read in subsequent classes) have fundamentally altered both my perspective of the world and my understanding of my own experiences. I’ll never forget the revelation I felt reading Annette Lareau’s Unequal Childhoods, a classic SOC100 text that’s helped me make sense of the structural basis of my struggles as a low-income college student and given me the understanding I needed to better navigate my situation. I chose sociology as my major because the things we study have significant and practical implications for our world. Also, F&M's sociology professors are amazing!


Contact:  lly@fandm.edu

  • emma nakamura sociology student ambassador
Emma Nakamura
Class of 2021
Major: Sociology and Moral Psychology

I am a double major in Sociology and Moral Psychology, and I will be graduating in 2021. Though I did not initially plan on majoring in Sociology, I was immediately drawn to the subject after taking Professor Faulkner’s Intro to Sociology course. Growing up in Hawaiʻi, the continental U.S. was a strange, new place to navigate, and sociology helped me not only to understand the society of the United States, but also how societies function at large. Since taking Intro to Sociology, I’ve loved working with every one of my sociology professors, and it’s clear that professors in this department are committed to students, both on an academic and a personal level. 

This past summer, I was so lucky to conduct research with our Department Chair, Professor Hodos, on his research of globalization in Seattle. He, and every professor I’ve had in the sociology department, has empowered me as a student to do better and constantly seek to learn about the world around me. I genuinely believe that every student, no matter their major, can benefit greatly from taking at least one sociology course while at F&M.

Contact: mnakamur@fandm.edu