F&M Assistant Professor of Sociology Firuzeh Shokooh Valle will deliver the keynote address titled "Reimagining Technofeminist Futures" at the 9th Annual Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) Graduate Student Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, February 28, 2020.

In this presentation, Professor Shokooh Valle will discuss her feminist decolonial approach to the study of gender, technology, and development in Latin America through a study of the emergence of pleasure and solidarity as a framework of resistance. She will analyze both the ways in which development discourse constructs what she calls an exemplary neoliberal “Third World Technological Woman” and how feminist activists create strategies to imagine other futures and rethink technologies. In line with feminist and decolonial praxis, Shokooh Valle will also address her methodology and experiences during fieldwork in Costa Rica. Her presentation draws from extensive archival and ethnographic research since 2015.

Dr. Shokooh Valle is a sociologist and journalist from Puerto Rico. She has authored and co-authored academic articles published in the peer-reviewed journals Sociology of Development, Social Movement Studies, and the Cuban academic journal Temas.

As a journalist, she has covered violence against women and gender politics, racism, poverty and socioeconomic development, and migration in Puerto Rico. She has earned numerous national awards for her journalistic investigative work.