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F&M Now Accepts HACC Honors Students

In keeping with its mission to engage the community, Franklin & Marshall College will begin automatically accepting honors students from Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) this fall.

The HACC students will have had to complete at least one year of studies and meet F&M's admission requirements to enroll at the College.

F&M President Barbara Altmann welcomes HACC honors students as they consider enrolling for F&M's academic and residential experience.

"We want to be part of Pennsylvania's postsecondary education network and this agreement with HACC is an excellent starting point," Altmann said.

Under an agreement officials from the two institutions signed May 31, HACC's honor students have two pathways for transferring to F&M: one for honors students earning a liberal arts certificate and another for honors students earning an applied science degree in general studies degree.

"Through this agreement with HACC, F&M will reach more students in the region, which is part of the College's mission," said Vice President for Enrollment Management Jimmie Foster Jr. "We eventually want to expand the opportunity to more community colleges' honor students in Pennsylvania to earn a liberal arts degree."

This opportunity is open to honors students who have completed pre-vetted HACC courses that match F&M's academic standards.

Honors students who transfer to F&M are guaranteed full transfer of their courses. F&M also will meet the full institutionally determined financial need during their enrollment.

HACC students who qualify will be invited to attend a special campus visit for access to F&M's resources and enrollment advising activities.

The agreement, the first of its kind between F&M and a community college, allows F&M to expand enrollment opportunities to students in south central Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Valley.

F&M graduated 38 students from Lancaster County this year and currently has 564 students from Pennsylvania enrolled.

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