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Established as a major in 2015, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies is informed by the intellectual excitement that has arisen from feminist critiques in virtually all academic disciplines. All students can benefit from incorporating the diverse perspectives of feminist theory into their academic studies. 

This major puts gender and sexuality at the center of critical inquiry, as aspects of identity, the body, social structures and cultural expressions. Recent courses on sexuality include: European SexualitiesContemporary Queer PoetryThe Body, and Constructing Sexualities.

WGSS offers a major and a minor; students may also create a joint major with WGSS and another department. 

Unlike some other women's studies programs, which focus on the West or on the United States, the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at F&M has a global focus. Our strengths include cross-cultural studies in Anthropology, comparative women's history in the History Department, classes in women and economic development in the Economics Department, and the transnational study of girls.

We provide exceptional opportunities to connect theory and practice. Our students have served on the Alice Drum Women’s Center Board and the annual Take Back the Night event. Our students have also presented their research at the annual Central Pennsylvania Consortium women’s studies conference, curated exhibits at the Phillips Art Museum and worked as Public Service Interns through the Ware Institute.

The Pulse

March 29
event 3/29/2018

Alice Drum Women's Center 25th Anniversary Celebration

Alice Drum Women's Center

Plan to join the Alice Drum Women's Center, the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies program and...

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April 11
event 4/11/2018

Take Back the Night

Mayser Gymnasium

Performance poet Rachel McKibbens will be featured at Take Back the Night, a campus-wide push to...

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Story 1/15/2018

WGSS Announces Alice Drum Summer Research Award 2018

The Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program is now accepting applications for the 2018 Alice Drum Summer Research Award. 

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Story 10/20/2017

Speaker Gives the Skinny on Being Fat

Audiences unfamiliar with author Kimberly Dark and her performance, “Things I Learned from Fat People on a Plane,” might think by the title she is anything but voluptuous. 

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Story 9/18/2017

Studying Multicultural Perspectives on Consent Education

In Summer 2017, Alice Drum Summer Research Award recipient Lauren Matt ‘18  investigated effective consent curricula in Prague, Amsterdam and Istanbul.

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