Guidelines for Honors in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

 Honors candidates for WGSS must adhere to all stipulations for Honors as outlined in the College Catalog. In addition, WGSS Honors theses should adhere to the following guidelines:

As a rule, WGSS Honors theses should be at least fifty pages long and the product of two semesters of independent study or the result of one semester of independent study and a summer research project. Theses that emerge as substantial papers from a course that are expanded during a second semester of independent study are also eligible.

By the end of the first month of the semester in which a student intends to stand for Honors, the candidate should present, in person, to the constituted review board and a member of the WGSS program committee a two-page abstract outlining the project's methodological approach and central questions, a two-page summary of work completed hitherto, a one-page outline, and a bibliography. The WGSS chair should serve as the WGSS representative at this presentation unless there is a compelling reason to draw on other members of the committee, such as the case that the chair is supervising the project or has been asked to serve on the review board.