The Angela Jeannet Award for Excellence in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 

cThe Angela Jeannet Award is given in honor of  Charles A. Dana Professor Emerita Angela Jeannet, who taught at F&M from 1963 until her retirement in 1996.

Professor Jeannet was responsible for adding the Italian Studies and Francophone programs to the college curriculum. In 1972, she organized and co-taught the first Women's Studies class, which was followed by the development of a program in Women's Studies. She organized and participated in many Women's Studies Colloquia for a consortium of colleges (Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall, and Wilson), and contributed to the foundation of the campus Women's Center. In 1970, she founded the Lancaster Women's Liberation Group and co-founded the Lancaster Women's Center, which engaged in numerous feminist causes through specific task forces. Professor Jeannet is a poet and a writer of fiction.

The Jeannet Award is given to a WGSS major or minor who exhibits intellectual achievement and has made a positive contribution to the feminist dialogue on campus.

Jeannet Award Recipients

Linned "Lulu" Gomez '20

E Marcovitz '20

Sarah Silverstein '19

Laura Sabatino '18

Erin Hallenbeck '17

Molly Gilmore '16

Mikayla Bean '16

Ryann Rae McMurry '15

Stephanie Palazzo '14

Sabrina Yudelson '14

Elizabeth Murray '13

Torrie Hazelwood '12

Brenda Segal '12

Alysse Vaccaro '11

  • Angela Jeannet, Charles A. Dana Professor Emerita Angela Jeannet, Charles A. Dana Professor Emerita
Story 5/1/2019

Angela Jeannet Award recipient Sarah Silverstein '19...

During Spring Break, 2019 Angela Jeannet Award recipient and Marshall Fellow Sarah Silverstein ‘19  investigated theories and practices of self-care and healing. 

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