Alice Drum Award Winner Supports Efforts to Prevent Assault

  • Shuyun Liu '12 Shuyun Liu '12

The 2011 Alice Drum Summer Research Award was given to Shuyun Liu '12, a Psychology major and Math minor. During her career at F&M, she served on the Executive Board of the Alice Drum Women’s Center for several years. With the help of the Alice Drum award, Shuyun worked at the Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women, where she focused on the NGO’s “Against Sexual Violence to Rural Left-Behind Girls” program. During her internship, she worked closely with Zhiping Wu, the executive director of the organization, and participated in an in-depth training program for rural teachers. Shuyun gained insight into the realities of running a nonprofit organization as the assistant to the director, and also performed valuable research on the current services provided to rural Chinese women to prevent sexual assault. Armed with this information, she helped the Beijing Cultural Development Center for Rural Women write a textbook on sexual assault prevention.

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