WGSS Announces Alice Drum Summer Research Award 2018

The Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program announces the Alice Drum Summer Research Award for up to $2000 for the summer of 2018. This award supports summer projects related to research, creative arts, or community and public service. Proposed projects must further knowledge of the roles of women, gender, and/or sexuality in society. Recipients must also show quality of character, personal and intellectual promise, and an enthusiasm for learning from the proposed experience. 

Application forms are available at right and are due by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, March 9. The WGSS Committee plans to announce the winner by March 22.

Stories about previous award winners can be seen on the Alice Drum Summer Research Award web page.

Story 2/18/2019

How Water Captured by Leaves Mitigates Storm-Water Runoff

Inside a Franklin & Marshall biology laboratory, junior Karisa (Yiting) Liu and first-year Ann...

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Story 2/15/2019

Sexton Speaks to the Ineffable Moments in Faith and Baseball

You know you’re experiencing a unique campus event when a speaker’s story culminates in a...

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Common Hour Baseball as a Road to God
Story 2/14/2019

Baseball As A Road To God

John Sexton President Emeritus of New York University, Dean Emeritus of NYU School of Law, and...

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