5/01/2019 Kaitlin Stewart '11

Alumni Profile: Kaitlin Stewart Hollander '11

As a public relations and communications executive specializing in advancing mission-driven organizations, programs and individuals in the social advocacy space, I cannot express how formative and invaluable my liberal arts education at F&M was and remains to be in my career and personal life. As a Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies joint major, I was incredibly passionate about furthering my intellectual curiosity around culture, society and women’s empowerment and ultimately finding a career path as an advocate. Being able to nurture my interests through coursework at F&M allowed me to develop a critical social lens through which I’m able to dissect and interpret socio-cultural norms and their impacts. This lens has undoubtedly taught me how to best understand and assess the roots of social issues, advocate for causes I believe in and best counsel and provide strategy for my clients looking to drive change or provide services to help others. 

Armed with an education from F&M, I had an exceptionally rewarding post-graduate experience, where my passion for women’s empowerment was furthered through various professional and educational opportunities. After F&M, I spent a year interning with the Commission on Women’s Issues with the NYC Mayor’s Office, where I assisted on a number of women’s-related city campaigns. During this time, I also began a Master’s of Public Administration program with the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, where I specialized in Nonprofit Management and Public Policy. During graduate schooI, I spent a summer with the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security – a coalition of international NGOs focused on strengthening UN Security Council policies affecting women and children in areas of armed conflict. I also worked alongside a group of fellow grad students to help craft messaging for the first UN international human rights campaign on LGBTQ+ equality. Many of these experiences – some of which I consider to be among the most fulfilling experiences in my life to date – would not have been possible without the foundation built through my WGSS coursework.

To be able to couple my passions with a strong, holistic academic foundation has enabled me to work with clients across issue areas and enjoy the good fortune of interacting with folks from all walks of life. While each day is different, I continue to be inspired by the work I’m able to do with the skills I built in the classrooms of F&M. 

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