5/04/2020 Ann L. Wagoner

WGSS Celebrates Class of 2020

  • A screenshot of the WGSS virtual reception. Prof. Kibler led a game that involved drawing on top of one's head! A screenshot of the WGSS virtual reception. Prof. Kibler led a game that involved drawing on top of one's head!

WGSS faculty and students gathered via videoconference on April 30 to celebrate the class of 2020.

Three faculty members shared poems with the graduates:

WGSS Program Chair Prof. Alison Kibler then led the group in games, starting with one that involved drawing particular scenes--on top of one's head (see screenshot, above). She also presented some feminist-themed cartoons and asked the group to provide captions.

Before sending the graduating seniors off to make their marks in the world, Prof. Kibler invited them to share their advice with younger students:

E Marcovitz: "It's really important to ask directly for what you need, even if you are embarrassed by what you need. Ask for the validation you need."

Tyler Lu: "Don't be afraid to express yourself. You don't have to fake it to impress someone." 

Linned "Lulu" Gomez:  "In college, we may experience a lot of pressure sometimes – maybe from our parents. And we have advisors and mentors that want to guide us and give us advice. And that’s great and we should be super grateful. But at the same time I just want to remind you that it’s your journey and we can’t forget to listen to ourselves. You know why you came to college and in the end you should pursue what you want. You know what’s best for you. So my advice is to just do you, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else."

The consensus was that the faculty will miss the class of 2020 but are sure they are destined for great things.

2020 WGSS Award Winners

Angela Jeannet Award:
Linned "Lulu" Gomez '20 and E Marcovitz '20

Alice Drum Summer Research Award: Kamakshi Shah '21

Congratulations to the
WGSS Class of 2020!

Aubrey Chang
Linned "Lulu" Gomez
Lauren Hein
Milly Herz
Brian Lac
Tyler Lu
E Marcovitz
Ella Walker

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