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Story 2/8/2018

Speaker: Leaders, Not 'Good' Men, Needed to Stop Violence...

“I don’t accept the premise that these are women’s issues that good men help out with. These are...

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Story 1/15/2018

WGSS Announces Alice Drum Summer Research Award 2018

The Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program is now accepting applications for the 2018 Alice...

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Story 11/17/2017

Alumni Profile: Sabrina Yudelson '14

Sabrina Yudelson '14 has followed an interesting career path since graduation that has led her to...

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Story 10/20/2017

Speaker Gives the Skinny on Being Fat

Audiences unfamiliar with author Kimberly Dark and her performance, “Things I Learned from Fat...

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Story 9/18/2017

Studying Multicultural Perspectives on Consent Education

In Summer 2017, Alice Drum Summer Research Award recipient Lauren Matt ‘18  investigated effective...

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Story 9/13/2017

F&M Poet Returns to the Classroom After a Year Abroad on...

Professor and poet, Meg Day reflected on her journey, where  she explored 16 countries around the...

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Story 8/18/2017

Off-Campus Study: Karolina Heleno '18

English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies joint major studies in Scandinavia.

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Story 4/28/2017

Off-Campus Study: Cecilia Plaza '17

Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies joint major studies on the Alliance for Global...

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Story 4/17/2017

WGSS Faculty Support 'Take Back the Night'

Members of the WGSS Program Committee recently posed with handmade signs promoting "Take Back the...

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