Annual WGSS Conference

The Central Pennsylvania Consortium (CPC), composed of Dickinson, Franklin & Marshall and Gettysburg Colleges holds an annual undergraduate Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Conference each spring at one of the consortium colleges. The 2018 conference will be held at Dickinson College and feature the theme "Queer Politics," with the date to be announced. In early fall, undergraduates from the three colleges will be invited to submit proposals for presentation at the conference. Details will be announced on the Central Pennsylvania Consortium website


Off-Campus Study: 
Select List of Opportunities in WGSS

Advanced Studies in England (ASE)

Bath, England

Courses such as “Gendered Identities in Medieval Literature,”  “Writings of Virginia Woolf,” and “Women Culture and Society in Eighteenth-Century England” are regularly on offer.  ASE students take classes together at the ASE study center.  Faculty are drawn from Oxford and other local universities.

Special features

  • ASE is a very small program, typically enrolling 40-50 students per semester.
  • Students may apply to participate in a tutorial at Oxford.  The tutorial provides the opportunity to work directly and individually with a faculty member at Oxford.
  • F&M faculty routinely offer a course as part of the ASE Summer program.  In Fall 2017, Dr. Jennifer Kibbe will be offering a course titled “Terrorism,” examining that phenomenon in a European context.


Copenhagen, Denmark or Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm site houses a program titled “Gender, Equality and Sexuality in Scandinavia,” which includes a core course and several supporting courses.  Interesting fact: Stockholm is recognized as having the first self-proclaimed feminist government.  

The Copenhagen program supports two programs related to WGSS: “Justice and Human Rights” and “Prostitution and the Sex Trade.”  The Copenhagen program is quite large and thus offers a wide range of courses related to WGSS.

Special features

  • Students select 5 courses from a broad range of disciplines.  Each student constructs a schedule that meets her/his specific needs and interests.  DIS Copenhagen is the larger program and offers hundreds of courses.  The Stockholm program has a more “personalized” feel.
  • All core courses include a comparative 10-day study tour to a location in Europe.
  • A wide variety of housing options allows for varying levels of immersion.
  • Students may pursue independent research at both DIS sites.


Numerous sites around the world hosting programs explicitly focused on issues of gender/sexuality as well as social justice and human rights more broadly

Special features

  • All SIT programs are structured thematically and include a core course, language study, introduction to ethnographic methods, and an independent study project.  All students participate in the same thematically coherent set of courses, creating an explicit intellectual cohort.
  • The Independent Study Project (ISP) is a cornerstone of the experience.  Typically, the last four weeks of an SIT program are spent solely on the ISP and students produce a significant research paper/presentation.
  • SIT programs are generally small, typically enrolling 15-35 students per program.
  • Several WGSS majors/minors have participated in the SIT program in the Netherlands “International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender”


Buenos Aires, Argentina

The “Human Rights: Diversity, Minority, and Gender Studies” concentration examines issues around feminism, race/ethnicity and sexual diversity, and how these topics have become a focal point in the debate about the nature of human rights.

This program is for students who have taken at least 5 semesters of Spanish.  All students live with a host family.

Special features

  • All students take an Advanced Spanish Language & Argentine Culture courses with an emphasis on social sciences as well as a course called “Diversity, Minorities, Gender and Argentine Society”.
  • All students participate in a field experience (an internship with an NGO), take a research methodology seminar, and complete a final research paper. Possible placements in the field experience could be at the following NGOs:
  1. Crear Vale la Pena “to create is worth it” (young people in very disadvantaged parts of the city have access to art workshops in dance, theater, circus, singing, music and visual arts)
  2. Fundación Huésped (public health without discrimination - concentrated on providing free health services to those with HIV, other STDs, reproductive health issues)
  • Students also directly enroll in one or two courses at one of the local universities.


Dunedin, New Zealand

Students enroll at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. They live in university housing and take classes at the university with local degree-seeking students.

Within the Gender Studies major course of study at Otago, courses which may be on offer include:

  • Gender in Everyday Life
  • Bodies, Sexualities and Selves
  • Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • Dress and Society
  • Heretics, Witches, and Inquisitors
  • Crime, Shame and Scandal in New Zealand
  • The Body in Asian Regions
  • Gender, Work and Consumer Culture

Special features

  • Students are fully enrolled at the University of Otago, taking classes with local and other international students.
  • Courses are available in a wide range of disciplines, providing the opportunity to receive credit for multiple requirements at F&M.

Additional Resources

For more information on off-campus study programs and necessary steps toward participation, visit the Office of Off-Campus Study website, call 717-358-7187 or stop by the Joseph International Center on College Ave. (the building with the flags out front).

Fellowship Opportunities

It's never too early or too late in your academic career to consider applying for a fellowship. Fellowships can offer funds for travel, research, study, or all three! Fellowships can range from short-term summer courses to multi-year graduate programs throughout the world.

Students interested in pursuing fellowships in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies are encouraged to visit the Office of Fellowships website or make an appointment to meet with the Director of Fellowships by contacting Jill Graham in the Provost's Office. 

A list of many fellowship opportunities can also be downloaded from the link below.