How do I get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved with diversity and inclusion on campus. Please check out the links below for wonderful opportunities that are waiting for you.

Story 3/14/2019

Where Professors Teach—And Get You Soup

When I was a first-year at F&M, I got super sick and missed two of my Connections classes. My professor emailed me after the second missed class, asked if I was OK, and whether there was anything she...

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Story 3/7/2019

A Seat in the Orchestra and a Spot on the Rugby Team

Coming to F&M, I knew I'd have to audition for a music ensemble to continue my cello career. Likewise, I had to compete for a spot on the rugby team. I was afraid because I knew college music...

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Story 2/28/2019

Snow Days and Summer Plans

If there's one thing I’ve learned at F&M, it’s that time moves fast. One moment I was eating my first meal at the dining hall, and the next I was already returning for my second semester as a...

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