PUB Electives Master List

Revised September 2, 2015.  This list is not complete and is subject to amendment by the Public Policy Committee.  Please contact Professor Kulik or your joint major advisor with any questions.  (Note: some of these courses may have prerequisites; please check the course catalogue for complete information.)

AMS/ENV 280    The American Landscape

AMS 300    Urban America

ANT/ENV 234    Population

ANT/ENV 274    Anthropology of the Environment

BOS 200    Strategies for Organizing

BOS 315    Organizational Behavior

BOS 316    Human Resources Management

BOS/ENV/PUB 335    Business and the Natural Environment

BOS 350    International Business

BOS 37X, 47X    Topics in BOS (with approval of advisor and instructor permission)

BOS 480    Issues Facing Organizations in the 21st Century

BOS 490    Independent Study

ECO 130    Marxian Political Economy

ECO 231    Money and Banking

ECO 238    The Economy of Cities

ECO/ENV/PUB 240    Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

ECO/WGS 244    Women in the Economy

ECO 248    History of Economic Thought

ECO/PUB 255    Political Economy of Health Care

ECO 264    Introduction to International Economics

ECO/AFS 281    Political Economy of Africa

ECO/WGS 282    Women, Culture, and Development

ECO 310    Econometrics

ECO 315    Macroeconomic Stability

ECO 320    International Trade

ECO 325    International Finance

ECO 335    Economic Development

ECO 350    Game Theory

ECO 37X    Topics in Economics (with approval of advisor)

ECO 490    Independent Study

ENV/STS 117    Environment and Human Values

ENV 216    Environmental Policy

ENV/ANT 234    Population

ENV/GEO 250    Environmental Resources & GIS

ENV/AMS 280    The American Landscape

ENV/PUB/STS 313    Nuclear Weapons, Power and Waste Disposal

ENV/GOV/PUB 314    Global Environmental Politics

ENV 315    Health Risks in the Environment

ENV 344    Global Change

ENV/PBH/PUB/STS 352    Lead Poisoning and Asthma in Urban Lancaster

ENV37X    Topics in Environmental Studies (with approval of advisor)

GOV 120    Comparative Politics

GOV 130    International Politics

GOV 208    The American Presidency

GOV 211    Citizen Politics

GOV 219    City and State Government

GOV 226    Gender and Politics from a Global Perspective

GOV/PUB 305    Public Policy Implementation

GOV 309     Congress

GOV/ENV/PUB 314    Global Environmental Politics

GOV 317    Trial Courts and the Justice System

GOV 318    Media and Public Opinion

GOV 330    Foreign Policy Analysis

GOV 37X, 47X    Topics in Government (with approval of advisor)

GOV 490    Independent Study

INT 200    Introduction to International Studies

INT 425     Human Rights/Human Wrongs

PBH 251    Introduction to Public Health

PBH/PUB 303    Problem-Solving Courts

PBH/BIO 351    Epidemiology

PBH 388    Public Health Research

PUB/ECO/ENV 240    Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

PUB/ECO 255    Political Economy of Health Care

PUB/PBH 303    Problem-Solving Courts

PUB/GOV 305    Public Policy Implementation

PUB/ENV/STS 313    Nuclear Weapons, Power and Waste Disposal

PUB/ENV/GOV/ 314    Global Environmental Politics

PUB/BOS/ENV 335    Business and the Natural Environment

PUB/ENV/PBH/STS 352    Lead Poisoning and Asthma in Urban Lancaster

PUB/SOC 384    Urban Education

SOC 210    Class, Status and Power

SOC 310    Urban Sociology

SOC 320    Criminology

SOC 330    Sociology of Medicine

SOC 342    Political Sociology

SOC/WGS 345    Sociology of Sexuality

SOC/WGS 350    Sociology of Gender

SOC/AFS 360    Race and Ethnic Relations

SOC37X    Topics in Sociology (with approval of advisor)

SOC/PUB 384    Urban Education

SOC 410    Globalization

SOC 480    Sociology of Law

SOC 490    Independent Study

STS/ENV 117    Environment and Human Values

STS/HIS 311    History of Medicine

STS/ENV 313    History of Nuclear Weapons, Power and Waste Disposal

(revised 9/2/15)