The Business Office is located at 931 Harrisburg Ave, 2nd Floor,  Lancaster  PA 17603, in the College Row building.


The  Business Office strives to support all of the College’s strategic initiatives by processing payments and other financial transactions of the College in a timely manner, while ensuring compliance with Federal and state regulations, College policies and procedures, and generally accepted accounting principles. In addition, the Controller’s Office is committed to reporting accurate financial data for Management and the Board of Trustees to use in making prudent financial decisions.



The Business Office will employ a collaborative, customer service based approach to meet the needs of our ever-changing campus community in the areas of procurement, disbursement, cashiering, payroll, accounting and financial reporting. 


The values of the Business Office center on our commitment to providing transparent, accurate, and compliant financial data to the campus community, Management and the Board of Trustees. To achieve this commitment, we embrace the values of integrity and ethical conduct in all that we do. Further, we engage our partners in the campus community by promoting communication, efficiency, and innovation in applying our vision of a customer service based approach. 


The Accounting team works diligently to record and summarize College financial transactions. Using this data, they perform analysis and validation procedures to ensure the College’s compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. The Accounting team also facilitates the annual audit of the College’s financial statements, as well as all required reporting to the Internal Revenue Service and other reporting agencies.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable team facilitates all disbursements for the College, including check, direct deposit, and wire transfer payments. The team reviews each payment for compliance with College policies, as well as potential tax reporting implications. The Accounts Payable team also assists the campus community by working with vendors to provide necessary credit references and tax exemption certificates.


The Purchasing team works with all areas of the College to facilitate the requisitioning process for purchases of goods and services. The team provides assistance with all aspects of the process, from set up of new vendors to problem solving and invoice inquiries. The Purchasing team also provides stewardship of College funds by reviewing payments for compliance with College policies and that goods and services have been received prior to issuing payment.

Cash Handling

 The Cash Handling team collects and deposits all College funds in accordance with College policies and Federal guidelines. In this capacity, the Team is responsible for the safeguarding, recordkeeping, and reporting of all College cash and cash equivalents. The Cash Handling team provides individualized service by assisting the campus community by providing deposit services, as well as gift card, check cashing, and cash advances.


The Payroll team oversees payroll for all faculty, professional staff, and student employees. The team provides assistance with direct deposit set up and campus questions related to payroll. The Payroll team is also responsible for all Federal, state, and local tax withholdings and remittances.