Human Resources Management Partnership 

Master of Human Resource Management Degree Program offered by The School of Management and Labor Relations Rutgers, The State University of 
New Jersey, New Brunswick,
for Graduates of Franklin and Marshall College



This program allows graduates of Franklin and Marshall possessing a BA degree in Business, Organization and Society (BOS) or the relevant eligible F&M courses to earn a Master of Human Resources Management (MHRM). Students who earn the combined BA/MHRM degree are ready to assume responsible positions in the field of human resource management.

Program Admission

For admission under this agreement, interested students must graduate from Franklin & Marshall College with a BA in Business, Organizations & Society or to have taken the relevant course work.  Applications will be considered by the Rutgers HRM Department Graduate Director and Admissions Committee using the same standards used for admitting any applicant to the MHRM Program.

Course Waivers

The Rutgers MHRM program requires students to take 16 classes, or 48 credits. Under this agreement, up to five classes will be waived if a student has had similar courses at Franklin & Marshall College, and if that student has earned a 3.0 (“B”) or better in those courses.

Under this agreement, courses that fulfill a requirement from the MHRM curriculum include:

•   BOS 316 Human Resources Management

•   BOS 200 Strategies for Organizing

•   BOS 224 Accounting for Decision Making

•   BOS 315 Organizational Behavior

•   BOS 350 International Business

Contact Information

Contact Nancy Kurland ( in the Department of Business, Organizations & Society for more information.