Student-Managed Investment Portfolio (SMIP)

The Student-Managed Investment Portfolio (SMIP) is a portfolio of stocks exclusively and collectively managed by the students in Portfolio Management course (BOS 363).

The decisions on acquiring and disposing of the assets in the portfolio come solely from the students in the course. The SMIP provides the students with the opportunity to actively manage a portion of the Franklin & Marshall College endowment. The SMIP allows students to utilize financial theories and practices in the management of an actual portfolio in the real world market.

The principal objective of the Student-Managed Investment Portfolio program is to enhance educational opportunities for students by providing experience in financial research and portfolio management activities through managing an actual investment portfolio. The investment objective of the SMIP is to generate sustained capital growth with a diversified portfolio, in an effort to maximize risk-adjusted returns in excess to fees and expenses.   


SMIP - Aug 2021