To View Your Pay Stub

Log into Inside F&M and click on the My Info tab.  In the Employee Resources box, click on the Pay Information link, and then the Pay Stub link.  Click on the drop down box for the year you wish to see, then click on the display button.


Direct Deposit Instructions for Students

Direct Deposit Instructions

You must complete a Direct Deposit Form  for Student Employment  to have your wages automatically deposited into your bank account.  

  • Deposits can be sent to a checking OR Savings account of your choice, regardless of where your bank is located.
  • Please provide a copy of a VOIDED check or letter from your bank listing your routing and account number with the completed Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement.
  • Please note that we are required to process one payroll before funds will be directly deposited into your account if you do NOT provide a VOIDED check or letter from your bank.  Your first pay would then be in the form of a paper check and mailed to your campus box.
  • We will contact you via your F&M email address if your Financial Institution does not accept the account &/or the ABA routing number.
  • Direct deposits returned by a financial institution will have a paper check issued in its place. Direct deposits returned by a financial institution result in termination of your Direct Deposit Authorization. Paper checks will be issued until a NEW Direct Deposit Authorization form is completed.
  • Direct Deposit pay stubs will be available for viewing and printing on Inside F&M. Paper checks will be sent to your campus mail box.
  • It is your responsibility to contact Payroll if you close your checking/savings account that your direct deposit is set up for: or 717-358-4211 or 717-358-5995


Student Timesheet Entry Instructions