Independent Study Projects



Prof. Susan Andrzejewski:

  • Cari Turner
    "Interpersonal Sensitivity Training: A Meta-Analysis"
    Cari's study aggregated methodological and statistical information from over 80 empirical articles to examine best practices for interpersonal sensitivity training in business settings.


Prof. Alan Glazer:

  • Spring 2016: Jessica Cap: "A Case Study of Materiality in the G4 Guidelines and the <IR> Framework"

  • Spring 2016: Zheyi Wu: "Sustainability Reporting in China's 25 Largest Companies"


Prof. Nancy Kurland:

  • Fall 2018-Spring 2019: Lin Phyu Sin: "In Search of Positive Social Change: The Social Innovation Landscape in Myanmar.” 
  • Spring 2019: Julia Brown: "Lancaster, Served.
  • Spring 2014: Andrew Crawford explored the emerging role of the environmental consultant: "Observing the Observer: A Study of Environmental Consultants in the 21st Century."
  • Spring 2013: Schuyler Routt investigated the impact of U.S. watershed conservation policy on the development of the Keystone pipeline with concerns surrounding the Ogallala aquifer: “Agency Relations and Policy Implications: the Keystone XL Pipeline.
  • Fall 2012-Spring 2013: Sarah McGaharan conducted a qualitative inquiry of the management of Central Market, Lancaster, PA: “Lancaster’s Central Market: A Case Study of the Changing Role of the Oldest Publically Owned and Operated Market in the United States” 
  • Spring 2012: Marley Strauss - “Transparency in organizations and sustainability
  • Fall 2012 - Fall 2011: Linh Nguyen - "Leadership in Lancaster’s hospitality industry