F&M Stories

At Franklin & Marshall College, we connect our students with extraordinary opportunities so they can accomplish great things in their four years on campus. Here are just a few of their stories.


Do Chimpanzees Grieve Like Humans?

A study of wild chimpanzees led by a Franklin & Marshall College professor and her student researchers suggest that chimpanzees may grieve similarly to humans. Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education that emphasizes close...

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F&M Senior Takes the Musical Road Less Traveled

This story is part of our #FandMForward series documenting our students' and recent grads' resilience, adaptability and perseverance in navigating the obstacles that the COVID-19 pandemic has...Franklin & Marshall College music major Vanessa Robustelli...

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F&M Builds Bridge to Campus for Students From China

With pandemic restrictions and consular closures expected to keep first-year international students from traveling to the United States this fall, Franklin & Marshall College decided to reach,...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on...

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#FandMInspires: Richard Camuccio's Dreams Are Out of This World

#FandMInspires is our tag for uplifting stories that show Diplomats of all ages improving themselves, encouraging others and affirming ideals that strengthen society. When he received a telescope...Franklin & Marshall alumnus Richard...

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Research Fair: 'Future Lies in Eyes of Predictor,' F&M Senior Says

Prsni Patel is fascinated by affective forecasting, a process in which people make predictions about their future emotions. She has been exploring how individuals often make inaccurate...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education...

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Research Fair: Senior Dives Deeply Into Nanoworld

Senior Anna Xiong's research on nanorods has been published and presented at the American Chemical Society.

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Williamson Medalist Credits F&M for Discovering Her Passion

Anastasiia Grigoreva is this year's recipient of the Williamson Medal, the College's most prestigious award for student achievement. It has been awarded annually since 1922. She is graduating summa...Anastasiia Grigoreva is this year's recipient...

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Senior Finds Grandmother's Memory Distinctive to Languages

If you're a bilingual speaker, do different languages trigger certain memories but not others? Franklin & Marshall College alumnus Griffin Sneath '20 investigated this question during an overseas journey to find his family's roots. Sneath, a neuroscience...

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'I Remember Having a Lot of Questions—and I Wanted Answers'

Inspired by his F&M Experience, a 2017 Alumnus Pursues Doctorate at Duke University When Tayzhaun Glover '17 arrived on campus for his first year at Franklin & Marshall, he didn't have...Franklin & Marshall alumnus Tayzhaun Glover '17 pursues...

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Young Alumna Bridges the Miles to Wuhan

When Teresa Chappell ’18 arrived in Wuhan, China, in 2018, she never could have imagined the uncertainties that would unfold two short years later. Chappell was approaching her final semester as a Princeton in Asia Teaching Fellow in January before...

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Twin Grads Tackle COVID-19 in Respective Career Fields

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, a pair of Franklin & Marshall alumni are embodying the spirit of Lux et Lex — Light and Law — the College's motto so famously inscribed on the metal arch spanning...F&M twin graduates are navigating COVID-19 obstacles...

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512-Million-year-old Fossils from Lancaster County Record the Origin, Relationships of Snails

Paleontologists worldwide are excited by a Pennsylvania collector's discovery of fossil snails that confirm an evolutionary link to worms, predicted 25 years ago by molecular biologists. Among the...Franklin & Marshall College offers students...

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